Make 2016 the Year of the South African Turban

The below post was featured in the last issue of the Kaleidoscope back in 2001 and although 15-years-old, the message is as relevant as ever and I feel the topic will have an impact on your life if you just open up a little bit and let it.

We stand poised on the brink of a new year, with its shining possibilities reflected in our resolutions. Each vow from our lips indicates a desire to seek self-improvement. The ultimate goal is to become the best “you” you are capable of being. To accomplish this, we must find a way to become acquainted with our truth. We welcome anyone or anything that aids us in this endeavor.

Seashells are one of the fascinating tools that Mother Earth provides for us to connect with that part of ourselves that possesses divine wisdom…our Higher Self, Inner Being, or Expanded Awareness. This portion of us patiently holds our connection to our original truth, but we have managed to cover it over with layers of beliefs foisted upon us by society, family, and friends.

In contemplating what shell to discuss with you, I considered and rejected many. In all honesty, the valuable lessons they held didn’t seem appropriate for this issue. As the rejected pages from my pen accumulated on my desk, I began to despair that I would never find the perfect shell for this holiday occasion. I allowed myself to be still and ask for guidance. In my mind’s eye, I saw the beautiful South African Turban.

This sturdy shell is lovely to behold, but it requires some understanding to explain its appearance. The turban’s external surface is normally a dark brown. However, when this layer is removed by polishing, a stunning opalescent rainbow of hues comprises the structure beneath.  When imported commercially, the outer layer is often peeled off in a spiral pattern. This results in alternate rows of rough brown material and iridescent mother of pearl. The message of the shell is to acknowledge that we, too, possess a core of light covered over by layers. When someone is attracted to this shell, it is time to discover his or her light, and allow it to shine.

As my clients work with the shells, and converse with this wise part within, they gain awareness of the illusions they unknowingly struggle to maintain. Successful maintenance does not bring fulfillment, and this puzzles them. Gently, the turban teaches them that they are not maintaining their own truth. They are just attempting to become someone else’s version of who they should be.

If we discover and live our own truth, we would approach the perfection we strive to obtain. Therein lies our happiness and fulfillment. The South African Turban suggests that, at this pivotal juncture in time, our resolutions might better be served through subtraction rather than addition. Rather than vowing to add yet another trait to improve this year’s model of ourselves, we might consider removing the layers of baggage covering our perfect light. I wish you all joy in the discovery. Quite possibly, there isn’t a greater gift you could receive.