Seashell Divination & Oracle Card Reading Media


Ocean Oracle has been featured in multiple radio interviews, TV interviews and podcasts, reaching thousands of people around the world. Listen to the Ocean Oracle card and Seashell Divination readings media to learn more about the powers of the seashell and how to unlock the many energies held within. As more and more people learn how to decode the language of the seashell kingdom and practice Seashell Divination themselves, they also discover an empowering tool for self awareness.

Michelle “Shelley” Hanson teaches students about Sea Shell Divination and the unique oceanic power of seashells through books, guided meditation and CDs. Shelley Hanson has taught students for the past eight years, showing hundreds how to unlock the power of seashells through divination and meditation. Those that are interested in learning more about the ocean and more about the extraordinary mollusks that create the crystalline shells, as well as those interested in learning more about divination, will all enjoy these fascinating and interactive classes.

Listen to the interviews to learn more about seashell divination and meditation. Start your own journey and visit the courses page to learn more about the online modules, material covered, flexible payment options and more. Email to get started or call 706-268-1014.

Oracle Card Reading Interview with Barbara Foster

FATV Barbara and You show with Barbara Foster
Recorded August 3, 2010

Click below to hear Michelle discuss various topics with Barbara Foster

How to use Ocean Oracle

Ocean Wisdom (and the seashell crystal connection )

What is a seashell reading?

What does one gain from working with the seashell kingdom?

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Turn To The Stars with Andrea Klim
Recorded July 31, 2012
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Omo Yemaya H20 Network with Radiah and Jimmy O the Water Guy
Recorded July 12, 2010
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