Ocean Speake Online Seashell Reading Classes

Register at your convenience, and study at your own pace. Michelle Hanson has developed an independent on-line student seashell divination and certification program. The course is divided into 5 modules and Ocean Oracle and Ocean Wisdom will serve as your workbooks. For every lesson, you will receive a written transcript accompanied by a powerpoint presentation. A high speed Internet connection is recommended as those with dial-up computers will find the service too slow to keep pace with the class.

To enhance this material, all students will receive:

  • Hundreds of photos of the animals who create the shells. Each lesson has a companion photo album.
  • Internet websites and videos to increase your comprehension
  • Homework exercises to monitor your progress
  • Practice reading sessions supervised by Michelle
  • Personal guidance with Michelle in working with the Ocean Oracle system

Requirements for graduation from Ocean Speake Level I: Reading all the transcripts and viewing all powerpoint presentations. Completing all homework assignments.

“Shell, a teacher is one who shares information and knowledge with a student. A mentor is one who shares a common passion and skill with an apprentice while they learn and develop.  A visionary shares with the world something yet to come into our vision. You dear one, seamlessly do all these while giving each of us time to discover and re-member who we truly are- embraced in the sacred mystery of this hue-man beingness!”   Promise

Note: Ocean Oracle and Ocean Wisdom (required workbooks): Ordered separately from the course.                                                                                    To order together, click here.


The 5 modules will be structured as follows:

Module 1 – Tuition $200

Length: 14 lessons
Module 1 establishes the foundation for the course, explaining the principles of seashell divination and introducing almost 50 shells. You will meet the animals who create and inhabit the shells, and through their remarkable diversity, explore the unique qualities that contribute to the language from the seashell kingdom.

Module Full payment

Module 2 – Tuition $200

Length 15 lessons | Prerequisite: Module 1
In Module 2, you will learn how to use the shells as psychological tools to provide empowering information. The shells have much wisdom to offer on such topics as destiny, pride, validation, and they have volumes to contribute on the subject of love. You will also meet the vampires and the heroes in the seashell kingdom.

Module Full payment

Module 3 – Tuition $200

Length: 12 lessons | Prerequisite: Module 2
In the first portion of Module 3, you will greatly increase your seashell vocabulary, partnering with one shell to create an inner-self portrait. In the second half of this module, we will commence upon an in depth look at how shells can be used as energy tools connecting with the chakras.

Module Full payment


Module 4 – Tuition $200

Length: 4 lessons plus final exam | Prerequisite: Module 3
Applying all the tools gathered in the previous modules, students will learn several approaches to using the Ocean Oracle deck for readings. While this is the shortest portion of the course, it involves constant interaction with Michelle, culminating with each student performing a variety of readings.

Upon completion of Module 4, students have the option to take a Level I Certification Exam at no extra cost.

Module Full payment


Module 5 – Tuition $200

Length: 8 lessons | Prerequisite: Level I certification
Required for professional shell readers and recommended for those seeking advanced shell reading skills. This final module involves participation in personal mentoring sessions outside the classroom to obtain proficiency. Module 5 ends with a Level II certification exam at no extra cost.

Module Full payment

To enroll in the independent study Ocean Speake course, contact Shelley. Ocean Speake graduates may take a refresher course at a 50% discount off the current price.

Installment Plans

If interested in the $50 installment plan, payments will be due as follows:


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Installment Option

If interested in the $100 installment plan, payments will be due as follows:


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