Nautilus Meditation CD

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The Seashell Meditation and Spiritual Blueprint CD The Nautilus CD uses the power and energies of the seashell kingdom to bring each student to a place of peace and serenity. As you follow along the meditation with the Spiritual Blueprint CD, you will learn to awaken the spiritual mysteries within yourself and explore the great gifts of humanity, through one of nature’s most valuable treasures.

The seashell meditation CD includes a wealth of information about the exquisite and complex Chambered Nautilus. As listeners learn about the Nautilus and the secrets held in their winding canals, they also learn about the spiritual blueprint connecting the seashells and each one of us. The final track is designed for deep meditation and narrated by Seashell Divination expert Michelle “Shelley” Hanson to guide listeners to tranquility and ascension. Each meditation session is like journeying through the deep and complex chambers of the Nautilus as listeners venture through the depths of their own conscious and subconscious, finding peace and reclaiming an individual spiritual message activating another step on the journey toward their divine perfection.

The meditative CD brings you the relaxing energies of the ocean and the beautiful complexity of the Nautilus to guide you. Order the Seashell Meditation and Spiritual Blueprint CD to unlock your own meditative journey.