Although her birthname is Michelle, Michelle Hanson has been called Shelley by family and friends all her life.  It seems her connection to shells began with her first breath.  Soon after, at the age of 4, her grandparents gifted her with shells from their beach vacation, and she was instantly smitten.  This began a quest to learn everything about shells, as well as the animals that create and inhabit them, a passion that continues to this day.    

Michelle loves her name because she gets to be a shell…the shell with the vocal cords….and she uses them as an ambassador for the rest of her seashell partners.  To that end, she has authored 2 books and created guided meditations sharing the wisdom from the seashell kingdom.  In addition to teaching seminars and workshops, she has created an online course to reach a world-wide audience.  Internet videos and photographs allow her students to bear witness to the intelligence and compassion in the seashell kingdom.  Her greatest joy is sharing the guidance from these master teachers.  

 Shelley is fond of saying:  Mother Nature has so much to teach us, if we are willing to listen.”  

A personal note from Shelley:  

Although I have loved shells all my life, looking back, I was not an ideal candidate to become an ambassador for the seashell kingdom.  First, I was an extremely shy person, and second, I was a scientist, reluctant to stray from that realm.  

With patience beyond measure, the shells literally brought me out of my shell.  Their gentle guidance has pushed me out of my comfort zone enabling me to become the shell with the voice…which I use on behalf of my seashell partners.  Their soft whispers to me have transformed into master teachings allowing me to apply my scientific foundation to make intuitive leaps.  

It is my honor to share their wisdom with you…and there is no time like the present. Seashells are crystals with benefits for mind, body, and spirit. In my spiritual evolution, I discovered that not all teachers come in human bodies.  Part of my seashell education involved a 4-year journey learning the connection of shells to the chakras through lessons with Abalones. The Abalone shells at the top of this page have been deliberately chosen because they carry the energy of the 6th and 5th chakras, connecting with intuition and speaking my truth.  

So, as the ”shell with the voice, “ I invite you to explore the magical, wondrous world of my seashell partners with Seashell Blessings to you all!  

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