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If you have ever held a shell to your ear, instinct was telling you they have something to say.

Ocean Oracle is designed to take that instinct to the next level. When you consider that there are over 100,000 different kinds of shells in the world, you begin to see how much wisdom is out there…an entire kingdom of master teachers!

Ocean Oracle will assist you in decoding the messages from the seashell kingdom leading to insights for personal empowerment and transformation.

Below you will find the details as to why there is so much value in working with the seashell kingdom–and products to assist with translating the messages they provide.

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What seashells reveal about Our True Nature


Awakening your Spiritual Blueprint


Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom


What is the value of a seashell reading, also called seashell divination or conchomancy?

Seashells are remarkable tools to help us navigate through life. They assist us in uncovering hidden thoughts and feelings that may be limiting. Spiritually teaches us that we create our reality from our thoughts and beliefs. Subconscious thoughts impact our lives behind the scenes. Seashells provide an opportunity to gain awareness of anything no longer serving us and empower us with new options for our future. We can use this information for personal growth and transformation, or to provide insights for others. 

This video will introduce you to one shell that has much wisdom to offer on relationships (Length-1:37): 

Here is another shell that can help us turn the table from victim to victor (Length: 1:46): 

Why seashells are great companions for crystal workers:

Seashells serve as crystals from the animal kingdom and connect with your light body and chakras. As with crystals produced by the mineral kingdom, seashells contribute tremendous benefits for mind, body, and spirit. They are made of calcite and aragonite, one of the stones mentioned in Stones of the New Consciousness by Robert Simmons. “Ocean Wisdom” explores the use of seashells as energy tools, culminating in a guided meditation working at the level of each chakra. 

This video provides greater detail: Ocean Wisdom-Seashells and the Crystal Connection (Length: 2:20): 

How does an Ocean Oracle reading work?

When you are attracted to–or bothered by–a particular shell, messages can surface from the wisdom attached to that shell. Similar to a tarot reading, the shells can reveal valuable information and facilitate positive growth. To see how eager…..

Seashell Reading with TV Host (Length: 3:10): 

A Close-up Look at the Ocean Oracle Kit (Length: 1:17): 

Who is Michelle Hanson?

Michelle “Shelley” Hanson has conducted seashell divination and oracle card readings for 35 years and has authored two books on the subject she loves. During the past twelve years, she has taught hundreds of students through her popular online Ocean Speaks course, devoted to personal growth using seashells as divination and energy tools.

The animals that create shells offer a great range of diversity in every aspect of their lives. Using what is unique about each of these animals, she found a method to decode the language of the seashell kingdom. In her book “Ocean Oracle” she shares the contributions of 200 seashells, providing insight and descriptions of the individual properties and aspects of these undersea animals. 

How Michelle first discovered the language of the seashell kingdom (Length:3:18): 

Whether through her books or classes, you are invited to come explore the wisdom of these seashell master teachers that are eager to assist you in navigating through life! Using the information provided in her books, audio-guided meditation and Ocean Speake, her online seashell divination program, you can uncover the secrets from deep inside their shells – and from the deep within yourself.

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Please note: Ocean Oracle readings are not about predicting the future. They are a means to understand who we really are in the present including our hidden thoughts and beliefs. Since we create from our thoughts and beliefs, subconscious thoughts impact our lives behind the scenes. The awareness gained provides the option to transform anything no longer serving us, and gifts us with the opportunity to reshape our future.

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