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Ocean Oracle: 

What Seashells Reveal About Our True Nature

Shelley is delighted to share the wisdom of the shells in her divination system, Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature, 2nd edition, Beyond Words/Atria/Simon and Schuster, 2007. This boxed set includes a deck of 200 seashell cards depicting the shells discussed in the companion book. Together, the book and cards enable the reader to work with his/her own divination messages.

Each card presents a picture of the shell on the front, and its name and meaning on the back. Once the shells are selected and arranged, it is simply a matter of turning over the cards to obtain the message.

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The following excerpts are taken from the testimonials on the Articles & Reviews page.

“I’ve been drawn to sea shells since I was a young child so I was delighted to see their considerable wisdom recognized and made accessible for everyone in Ocean Oracle.” - Dr. Christiane Northrup, pioneer in women’s medicine.

"In Ocean Oracle, Michelle “Shelley” Ziff Hanson opens up conchomancy (the art of divination using seashells) to a whole new dimension…rich in oracular language that is accurate, scientific, and downright fascinating!.... But the test of a divination system is its accuracy. The Ocean Oracle easily passes the test. I expect to see it being used a great deal by Readers across the country." - Raymond Buckland, author of The Fortunetelling Book, Buckland Romani Tarot Cards of Alchemy.

“A beautiful, unique toolkit to decode the wisdom of the deep...the Ocean Oracle…puts the wisdom of the sea within your reach and translates its timeless language…one of the most unusual—and unusually revealing—divination tools we’ve seen.” - Kristine Pidkameny, editor of One Spirit Book Club.

"The most specfic deck I have ever used!  It is the one deck I recommend my students purchase and learn for their own development.  It is so accurate this deck seems to read itself!" - Tina Michelle, professional psychic development teacher.


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