Seashell Reading Practice Books/CD

Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal About Our True Nature


Shelley is delighted to share the wisdom of the shells in her divination system, Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature,™ 2nd edition, Beyond Words/Atria/Simon and Schuster, 2007. This boxed set includes a deck of 200 seashell cards depicting the shells discussed in the companion book. Together, the book and cards enable the reader to work with his/her own divination messages.

Each card presents a picture of the shell on the front, and its name and meaning on the back. Once the shells are selected and arranged, it is simply a matter of turning over the cards to obtain the message.

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Nautilus Meditation CD


In her newest CD, entitled Nautilus Meditation: Awakening Your Spiritual Blueprint, Shelley provides us with insightful glimpses into that which makes up the etheric genetic code, or DNA, for what it means to be human—a spiritual being residing in the physical world.

She leaves no shell unturned in her desire to present the most current material on the subject, and includes (in three separate tracks) information about the message of the Nautilus, the scientific basis of DNA and the means by which listeners can learn to activate their unique “spiritual blueprint.”

The final track is that of the meditation designed and narrated by Shelley. In it, she guides us ever higher along the road to Ascension by journeying with us not only into the very depths of the ancient Chambered Nautilus, but also into the center of our own being, so that we may reclaim and activate the keys to our own individual codes.

This CD is truly a treasure, and a gift from the sea!

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Ocean Wisdom: Lessons From The Seashell Kingdom


In Ocean Wisdom, the shells offer insights on a variety of topics including: survival, victimization, feeling special, feeling flawed, pride, destiny, struggle, faith, sacrifice, and judgment. They have much to share on the subject of love.

The second half of Ocean Wisdom introduces the concept of shells as energy tools. Shells are crystals derived from the animal kingdom, and connected to the water element. There is much to gain from working with the energy in their matrix.

Ocean Wisdom concludes with a rebirthing guided meditation. A kahuna sounds the call alerting the oceanic realm that you are about to embark on this sacred journey. The image for each seashell chakra partner can be found on the back cover.

You can experience the guided meditation two ways: Follow along with the text, or listen to the companion CD.

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